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iLearningGlobal - What a product! and a Compensation Plan!

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iLearningGlobal is pulling together todays leading experts to teach us their knowledge via online video. Overtime, members will have access to thousands of videos on business development and other topics listed below by industry experts including Brian Tracy, Jim Britt, Omar Periu, Sandy Botkin, and a few other “Big Names” soon to be announced.

Each month, more than 50 new seven to nine minute video segments will be added from the content provided by these experts–all of which is accessible 24 x 7.

Some of the topics to be taught include:

Not only does iLearningGlobal have a great product that in and of itself is worth sharing to others, the compensation plan is simple and yet POWERFUL! Check it out now by clicking here now ilgcompplan.jpg!

I will be giving you more information as it is released. For now you can go to to see a sneak preview of the videos.

Leave a comment below asking me any questions you have and also if you want to join, just let me know. I will help get the paperwork needed. Remember, NO ONE WILL BE CHARGED UNTIL LATE JULY and so you have just over a month to build a downline without any upfront costs.

I will be teaching my team how to build blogs and do SEO (search engine optimization) properly. My specialty is getting sites ranked on the first page of the search engines which means traffic. I currently get about 300 visitors a month to this blog with plans to grow that to 3000/mo. within the next 3 months. I can teach you this same strategy.

By the way, those who join my team first, will get the benefit adding new customers and distributors from this site to their downline. First come, first served. I am only building so wide, and after that, the only logical place to go is down.

Leave a Comment if you want in now risk free!

Click to Learn How to Talk to Prospects With CONFIDENCE

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3 Responses to “iLearningGlobal - What a product! and a Compensation Plan!”

  1. richie marchett on August 6th, 2008 5:30 pm

    Want more info please

  2. Boyd Norwood on September 12th, 2008 12:02 am
  3. Grant Haliburton on August 24th, 2009 11:57 am

    Hello- sounds fantastic and have done a few hours of online research. I’ve been a huge fan of Brian Tracy for 5 years- have read all his books , some a few times. I’m a very good cold caller and salesman- My important question is-could this also be marketed in part by cold calling ( by telephone)and following up with small/med./large businesses and their owners/managers. Especially in bigger cities, like Toronto, Calgary, and Vancouver here in Canada? Thanks, and look forward to your reply!
    Best Regards,

    Grant Haliburton
    Halifax, Nova Scotia

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