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USANA Business Review - Is USANA a Scam?

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Dr. Myron Wentz founded the Usana Health Sciences, Inc. He obtained Ph.D. from Utah University in the field of microbiology with specialization in immunology. Moreover, from 1969-1973, he served for three hospitals as a microbiology director in Peoria city, Illinois.

Usana is amongst the biggest MLM corporations in the world having its headquarters situated in the Salt Lake City, Utah. It is an MLM (Multi Level Marketing) company manufacturing various products for health and fitness, weight control, personal hygiene, hair care, and nutrition. Apart from this, It formulates oral hygiene and skin care products. It has distributors in more than 13 countries.

Usana has built an amphitheater in the Salt Lake City, which hosts several concerts featuring popular bands and artists. Funds collected from these events goes in a charitable trust.

Usana employs nearly one thousand people worldwide having more than 170,000 preferred customers and associates in its global distribution network. The sales for the year 2007 were around $427 million of which about 87 percent was rendered by the associates and 13 percent by the preferred customers.

The products of this mlm company are of high quality, safe, and reliable satisfying the needs of customers. In fact, it has supplied and sponsored products for various sport clubs.

As it operates on MLM approach, it renders business opportunities for people by promoting and selling various products. People all round the world have good picture about the corporation. Products of this company are beneficial and effective for people suffering from skin inflammatory disorders, headaches, and arthritis.

People usually opt for business opportunity provided by Usana, as it offers additional income to people who work from home. Many people also lay complete concentration on business opportunity of Usana.

This MLM Company felicitates best performers in the presence of various members because it creates an inspiration for others to become the best performer. Usana has binary reimbursement plan.

Products of Usana encompass four brands namely Macro-Optimizer foods (nutritional bars and drink mixes), Rev3 Energy drinks, Sens Basics and Enhancers (hair, skin, and face care products), and Nutritionals (Essentials and Optimizers nutritional supplements).

From 2004-2006, this company was stated on the Forbes “200 Best Small Companies” list. In fact, in 2007, Forbes released an article quoting that government and industry experts have raised several doubts about the company’s products and trading practices.

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Network Marketing Success ” The Secret To Success In Your MLM Business

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This article is about finding the secret to network marketing success. In this article, the author maintains that success in network marketing is attainable only through hark work and by sticking to the methods or systems learned from your sponsor.

Success in network marketing is attainable by anyone who follows the system and applies the marketing methods (social networking, traffic exchanges, article marketing etc.) that are widely available.

It is very important to establish lasting relationships with your prospects with the purpose of building a successful business.

Network Marketing Success

Prepare yourself because you are about to learn what are the keys to having a successful network marketing business. This idea will aid you in making your business very successful.

Now think back and try to remember what brought you to your opportunity or what attracted you to your opportunity. When you think about this forget about the desire to make tons of money.

Chances are, it was almost certainly the prospecting strategy which was used by your sponsor in the system. Success in network marketing comes from hard work and commitment and you must stick to the system. There many great network marketing opportunities for you to cash in on if you you work hard.

Stick To The System

It is very important that you stick to the system. Once involved in your opportunity by one reason or another, you must not start buying leads or just cold calling. The system is centered on building relationships with people.

Lots of people that are new to the system do not understand that you cannot only utilize one system to introduce good targeted prospects. People dislike it when other people cold call them.

The very successful distributors on the market have a massive downline and frequently play a game of numbers with you. These enormous distributors are financially secure where if they lost their downline it would have no impact on them financially.

Relationship Building

The key to network marketing is mainly dependent upon finding potential prospects and then developing strong lasting relationships with them. You must first offer them something valuable to show that you are a sincere person. The secret is building lasting relationships to help you develop your business.

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Why Cash Gifting is Better than Typical MLMs

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Many people may think about leaving their job and wish they would land a great income opportunity - a home based business they can rely on and be successful at. Among these business opportunities is multi level marketing. If you have ever heard of multi-level marketing programs, you surely know that they sell different types of products. You have probably been convinced by a multi-level marketing agent to buy health drinks, anti-aging products, cosmetics, antioxidants, home improvement products and even pre-paid services.

A cash gifting system is similar with multi-level marketing in one way - you need to introduce people to it in order to multiply your earnings. Both referral systems are income opportunities and home-based businesses. However, multi-level marketing requires one to sell a product while cash gifting does not. For the typical person who is seeking to make money from home, cash gifting may be the better option. This is because not everybody is a good salesperson. If they were, they would probably be at the top of the sales career ladder in a multinational company already.

Many people have tried and experienced frustration over multi-level marketing programs because they have to explain over and over again the products they sell. They keep pestering their family and friends to buy and asking them to join an organization which would also require them to sell. There are a lot of emails to send and calls to make in order to make money from home. Not everyone they talk to will be interested in the product and some of these people they talk to might avoid them.

The multi-level marketer also has to buy a package of products before starting with the business. He also has to buy a certain set amount of products each month in order to qualify to earn from his downline’s sales and recruits.

Cash gifting systems, meanwhile, require people to help each other out as a team. This system does not need one to be a good salesperson or have great phone conversational skills. There is no product or service to promote. You just need to share to your friends what good things have happened to you because of the cash gifting system and direct them to a website which did it for you. The promotions and marketing plugs are already automated so there really is no need to do much promoting and convincing.

After visiting the website and watching the testimonies, one can just request for a callback from a cash gifting team leader. Team leaders themselves take the time to explain the answers to a prospective member’s questions. By joining at a certain level or tier for a certain fee, you can get cash gifts delivered at your doorstep by a legitimate courier service. You can have a residual income opportunity, too, when you introduce others to the program and they continue on to sign up. This is a legitimate home-based business that requires very little effort, very little time, and very little talk from you. One such website you could look into is It explains the different levels or tiers one can join to make money from home.

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Network Marketing Leads Vs. Warm Market

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by David Lawrence

You just started your networking business, you are excited to launch it to the world, then your upline says, “make a list.”

Sometimes this request is met with absolute horror and dread because you would rather have some success under your belt before you share it with people you are closest to.

But then again, if you have a high quality and influencial group of family and friends, your warm market might be the best way to launch your business.

One of the main benefits to contacting your market as opposed to calling network marketing leads is that they typically already trust you. It is also gratifying to work with people you already have relationships with.

The problem for many is that you might have already approached friends and family unsuccessfuly in the past, or perhaps because of your lack of business experience they might not believe you can really help them succeed.

This is why many choose to utilize network marketing leads. You can have all the confidence you need on the other side of that phone to be the person they are looking for to help them succeed.

Don’t forget, every lead you call is someone else’s warm market. The big difference is that the person who is on the lead list has already raised their hand that they are looking for a way to make more money from home.

Ironically, contacting network marketing leads is a fantastic way to approach your new prospect’s warm market via referrals if they comfortable approaching their friends and family.

Before you make your decision on which route to go or to do both, you may check out this source for network marketing leads or free mlm leads to help you build your networking business’ cold market while you also build with your warm market.

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The List of Business and Personal Development Greats Keeps Growing!

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There are now a lot of gold nuggets for a small monthly fee! Over at iLearningGlobal, you can gain monthly access to hundreds and soon to be thousands of short video clips from big name people.

Each video clip teaches something about a variety of business related topics, such as:

The list of teachers is growing and now includes:

To gain access to this awesome training program, click here now!

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New MLM Company - Brian Tracy is Chief Learning Officer

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Join us on a conference call tomorrow morning, Saturday the 14th, June 2008 at 10:00 a.m. MST.

The conference call line is 646.519.5830 (dial-in code is 6486#).

I am 6 levels from the top of this MLM chain. My direct upline, Drew Williams, is the former president of this new company, iLearningGlobal. I say “former president” because after he helped record the initial 70 business training videos of Brian Tracy, Omar Periu, and Sandy Botkin, he decided that the best way to help people to access this new program was to be a distributor–and also that the real money is in being a distributor!

Anyway, join us on the call if you’d like and ask Brian Tracy any questions about this new company that you’d like. If you have additional questions about joining this opportunity, leave a comment below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Also, I will be posting more information about iLearningGlobal the next several days and I will be teaching my downline how to market on the internet using blogs just like I am doing. So come back often!
P.S. if you do a search on google right now for the phrase “mlm success” without quotes, you’ll see that I am ranked #11 (see screen shot below). Not the most exciting result but I haven’t had a compelling reason to try in several months until this opportunity came in to play. By the way, I do SEO (search engine optimization) for a living and have ranked dozens and dozens of phrases in the top 3 on Google. What I am trying to say, is that I know what I am doing when it comes to getting traffic from the search engines.

(you might see something slightly different depending on which Google data center your internet accesses)


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iLearningGlobal - What a product! and a Compensation Plan!

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iLearningGlobal is pulling together todays leading experts to teach us their knowledge via online video. Overtime, members will have access to thousands of videos on business development and other topics listed below by industry experts including Brian Tracy, Jim Britt, Omar Periu, Sandy Botkin, and a few other “Big Names” soon to be announced.

Each month, more than 50 new seven to nine minute video segments will be added from the content provided by these experts–all of which is accessible 24 x 7.

Some of the topics to be taught include:

Not only does iLearningGlobal have a great product that in and of itself is worth sharing to others, the compensation plan is simple and yet POWERFUL! Check it out now by clicking here now ilgcompplan.jpg!

I will be giving you more information as it is released. For now you can go to to see a sneak preview of the videos.

Leave a comment below asking me any questions you have and also if you want to join, just let me know. I will help get the paperwork needed. Remember, NO ONE WILL BE CHARGED UNTIL LATE JULY and so you have just over a month to build a downline without any upfront costs.

I will be teaching my team how to build blogs and do SEO (search engine optimization) properly. My specialty is getting sites ranked on the first page of the search engines which means traffic. I currently get about 300 visitors a month to this blog with plans to grow that to 3000/mo. within the next 3 months. I can teach you this same strategy.

By the way, those who join my team first, will get the benefit adding new customers and distributors from this site to their downline. First come, first served. I am only building so wide, and after that, the only logical place to go is down.

Leave a Comment if you want in now risk free!

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Great MLM Websites and Resources

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Mlm success is hard…if you’re not properly trained. My two favorite network marketing trainers are Kim Klaver and Tim Sales.

Below you will find a list of mlm websites that contain great content (most of it is free). The training materials and resources are excellent. I can say that because these two don’t sugar coat anything. They teach solid methods, not fluff.

I know it’s cliche, but don’t try and reinvent the wheel! If you are serious about achieving network marketing success, you need the proper training. for alternative marketing ideas that work. -
Discover How Two Online Movies Will Eliminate Your 3 Toughest MLM Recruiting Problems - Eavesdrop On Network Marketing’s Millionaire Teacher, Tim Sales, As He Makes Live Calls To Real Prospects.


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Being Busy vs. Being Productive With Results

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Sometimes as human beings, we become caught up in details that don’t really matter. I see this happen in MLM quite often, and it only delays our success. As I explain, I’m sure you will also have witnessed what I am talking about.There are certain people who join an MLM business and become excited about the prospect of making lots of money, but when it comes time to get going and work, they are better at making themselves look busy that actually being productive. It’s not that they don’t want it. They may want it really badly, but they can’t focus on the tasks that will bring it to them quickest.

I believe this stems from fear. We have all experienced fear when we are about to call someone or visit someone to tell them about our product or business. It is a natural reaction. But sometimes when that fear presents itself, we face it by doing things that seem less difficult. We say we need more information on our product before we can effectively present it. We say we need to go get more forms because we’re running low. We say we need to make our list bigger and then we’ll start calling. We might even waste time sharpening pencils or neatly stacking papers just so we don’t have to get on the phone and call.

We are wasting time! Those things will not make us money. Calling, talking, presenting, and networking will make us money. Forget the stalling tactics and go to work. We all need to be reminded of this occasionally because I believe we all stray off the path every so often. We just need to ask ourselves if what we are doing right now is making us money. If it is, then let’s do more of it. If not, then let’s get back on the money making track and focus. We’ll feel so much better knowing that we are being productive.

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Stop Blaming Others And Accept The Responsibility

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Society is plagued with the mentality that, “it’s not my fault”!

Think about it; whenever anything goes wrong, or slower than planned, or doesn’t get finished at all, people’s fingers start to point. I am not excluding myself from this mentality. All the time, I catch myself blaming others silently or even subconciously. This needs to stop!

Truly successful people don’t blame others when the going gets tough. They accept the responsibility and start looking for solutions.

To be successful in Network Marketing or any endeavor, we need to begin take responsibility for our lives. We are exactly where we are in life because of the decisions that we have made and because of the things that we have done and also the things we have not done!

Every time you catch yourself blaming someone else, recite this phrase 10 times: “Stop blaming others and accept the responsibility”!

I find that I get more accomplished when I know deep down that I am responsible for my life.

In this aspect, we all could use a kick in the butt every once in the while!

I would appreciate your thoughts on this subject. Make a comment below.

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